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With Solokleen's unique dilution system, stop the glug-glug mixing! A fantastic way to control dilution and make it the best use possible cost wise.

But what is this "glug-glug"? The "glug-glug" is when the housekeeper pours the cleaning product directly from the bottle to the bucket.

Today, the concentration of industrial cleaning products is much greater than before. It is therefore necessary to use appropriate measurement methods like the Twist&Mixx Chemical Management and Dilution System.

Environmental Benefits

By using concentrated products it reduces the space required for storage, the number of containers to recycle and requires less truck deliveries (greenhouse gas emission).

Cost Savings

By controlling the amount of cleaning agent used, it is easier to estimate the costs and supply.

Optimal Performance

A too concentrated cleaner may not provide the expected results. It often leaves a sticky residue or increases the risk of damaging sensitive surfaces. A product too diluted will not be as efficient.

Reduced the Risk of Workplace Accident

A well-diluted product reduces the risks associated with concentrated products.