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The Twist&Mixx bottle that contains the concentrated solution of Solokleen prevents direct contact with the product. Prevention is of the utmost importance.

Solokleen when used with the Twist&Mixx Chemical management and dilution system, the risk of contact with the concentrated product is virtually null. Therefore, the risk of workplace incidents is reduced.

The IRSST conducted a study to estimate the overall cost of occupational injuries. Published in February 2013, this new study estimated to $ 4.6 billion the annual cost of these injuries in Quebec.

For an accident at work (95.7% of annual cases in the period of the study), the average cost for an injury was $ 32,987, while $ 161,444 for an occupational disease (4.3% of annual cases).

The pH is the index measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of a chemical. Although Solokleen is designed to reduce the risk to the user with a pH near 7 (neutral), it is nonetheless always better to avoid direct contact with concentrated products.