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With Solokleen, training can be as short as 360 seconds. It is a real time-saver!

In any business environment, maintain and improve cleanliness is essential to ensure that caretakers receive appropriate recognition related to their professionalism.

This statement is also a basic principle relating to quality of work life, it is therefore also a responsibility of caretakers.

In order to facilitate housekeeping personal can meet these requirements, they must be proficient and well trained with cleaning work techniques.

However, intuition alone is no longer sufficient if we really want to offer a professional performance. Personal discipline, knowledge and skill developments are major elements for achieving goals.

It is understandable that the job of housekeeping clerk must focus on the specific training applied to its cleaning tasks.

By its simplicity of use, Solokleen , makes training easier because a single product can accomplish up to 80% of cleaning tasks.